A World After This Lola & Mechel's Wedding Day

My children were always fascinated by my life story, especially concerning the war years. I did not bury the memories of those bitter years or try to forget them. Rather I would relish the opportunity to tell and remember those years even though they were for the most part a combination of pain and fear. At the Pesach ‘seder’ in particular Mechel and I would recite our personal ‘hagadah’, with our tales of suffering, death, escape and final liberation.

My children especially Heshy, encouraged me to start writing a book after giving oral testimony for Steven Spielberg Holocaust Foundation. Although my original intent was to distribute my memoirs to family and friends, as I immersed myself into the project I changed my limited focus.

I realized after Mayer Jacobovits read and reread the manuscript many a time that his conviction that this book should be published for the general public was correct. My story really has a universal message of faith and hope in the most trying of times and can be a source of inspiration and optimism.

I pray and hope that the Holocaust’s message to mankind will bear the fruits of tolerance and kindness for future generations.