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jewish word press blog review

A World After This: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption, by Lola Lieber, is a beautifully written and compelling story, initially set in Poland during the German invasion.

With forthrightness that reveal shocking horrors, with vivid details that paint compelling word images, with a deep and intense Jewish faith that helped her and her husband survive the Holocaust/Shoah, and with love from family members, Lieber presents the reader with an amazing journey.

Most of her early childhood was spent living with her grandparents in Munkachm Czechoslavakia, in what she describes as being “an enclosed and a garden – behind an ornamental gate. Life was good, filled with many activities, the fostering of education and learning, and filled with music and art.
It was there where Lieber discovered her talent as a painter. Her life there was a blend of joy and familial love, tranquility and tradition, in a privileged environment.

Those moments soon became overshadowed by the 1939 German invasion of Poland, when she was sixteen. Lieber, still young and somewhat innocent, married Mechel Lieber, and from there begins their story, not only of the strength of love and Jewish faith and tradition, but also a story of survival during the most horrendous circumstances imaginable.

The Liebers lived six horror filled years moving from one place to another to find shelter, living in many towns and cities, hidden by others. They suffered extreme starvation, were imprisoned on many occasions, fled for their lives on a moment’s notice, and lost most of their family members. They survived on the food of faith, helping hands, courage and the will to overcome the adversity forced upon them.

The Liebers emigrated to America in 1946, with their infant child, Hershel. The majority of their family had been killed during the war. From there the struggle to acclimate and fit in is detailed quite clearly. They had hope, they had faith and had the determination to start anew and live their lives in a positive manner. And, do that, they did.

A World After This is well documented with maps, family photographs and charts, a glossary and photographs of Lieber’s paintings. The journey taken by Lola Lieber and Mechel, demonstrates the desire to break through the mold of calling themselves victims, and demonstrates how love’s strength and Jewish traditions helped keep their journey one from being the victims to one of being survivors.

Lola Lieber’s illuminating story is a testament to inner strength, love, faith, and a testament to those family members who didn’t survive. I highly recommend A World After This, by Lola Lieber, to everyone. It is a compelling story of courage and inspiration. I want to thank Stuart Schnee, PR, for sending me this amazing book.

letter from werner langbecker

Dear Lola Lieber Schwatrz.

With great pleasure I have received the signed book from you about your life, from Mayer Jacobovitz. It's a great book! I have already given it to my son Jens, so he can read what happened during the Nazi period. Your life, with all its ups and downs, show the inhuman system that the Nazi's had in Germany. I admire how did you dealt with this terrible time.

On the internet I've seen your pictures, they are fantastic painted with so much feeling! My wife Martina and will be going on Holiday to Italy. Form there I'll also write to you. We wish you all the best!

Werner Langbecker
Erzhausen, Germany

letter from shlomo stern

January 26th 2010

Dear Hershel,

Generally, reading material regarding the Shoah, does not appeal to me. No, not because of lack of interest, rather because of the piercing pain which it ignites within me and continues to reverberate thereafter. Knowing  of the relentless and unimaginable savage destruction – the cataclysmic effects of mass genocide carefully planned, destruction of communities, cities that were totally obliterated by the ruthless Nazi regime is simply daunting and unbearable.

However, "A World After This" is in a class of its own. Perhaps, because I know the personalities involved, and due to the fact that your mother is held in high esteem by  Miriam and myself and many others, I committed myself to read the book – "A World After This." from cover to cover IY"H. You’ll be pleased to know that I am already up to page 17 (Tov)

Allowing me to script my feelings and share my humble thoughts in the next few lines.

The cover, when viewed with a perceptive eye is most impactful – portraying images of joy – loving families living in harmony, masterful artistic rendering of a kaleidoscope of pleasing colors. Yet, sadly enough the message of poverty, destruction, ghetto life is glaringly prominent. The literary style is compelling, informative and enhanced by a flair of art sprinkled with a veneer of poetic cadence. The content ignited within me a sense of curiosity and an insatiable eagerness to pursue its memoirs. Your mother’s elegance is discernable from within the written word and thus engenders a comfort zone for the reader. The reading material is presented professionally and pleasant to the eye. I can go on and on – reading your mother’s memoirs, generated many fleeting thoughts that swiftly scanned  my brainwaves. Only time I”H will decipher its meaning and will be shared with you in due time.

In conclusion, the memoirs of Mrs. Lola Lieber, Tichye, in her newly published book, "A World after this" is not a story of the millions who perished so brutally – it is the story of one – the aristocratic, Mrs. Lola Lieber. The memoirs will remain indelibly etched in my heart. It is a laudatory legacy that will live in perpetuity – a compelling document of triumph and an emblem  humanity’s  insatiable desire to live and rebuild.  Count me in! "I will I"H remember the remberers" Yaasher Koach on a job superbly done.