A World After This Lola & Mechel's Wedding Day

  Maps of Mechel’s and Lola’s Flight

Part One: Munkach Memories

  Chapter 1. Through the Garden Gate
  Chapter 2. At The Three Roses

Part Two: First Chapter of My Adult Life

  Chapter 3. Krakow and a man named Mechel
  Chapter 4. The Education of a Jewish Girl

Part Three: 1939 and beyond

  Chapter 5. Darkness Descends
  Chapter 6. Exile in the Countryside
  Chapter 7. Pretzels and Straw
  Chapter 8. A bittersweet Wedding
  Chapter 9. Autumn Leaves of Loss

Part Four: Into the Ghetto

  Chapter 10. Bochnia
  Chapter 11. Kaddish
  Chapter 12. A modern-day Queen Esther
  Chapter 13. Arrest and ‘Ave Maria’.

Part Five: A Way Out

  Chapter 14. Escape
  Chapter 15. Strange interlude

Part Six: Evil Escalates

  Chapter 16. Nightmare on Pesach
  Chapter 17. Alone
  Chapter 18. Appointment with the devil
  Chapter 19. Mechel’s ‘madness’
  Chapter 20. Terror continues
  Chapter 21. Winter 1944-45

Part Seven: Spring at Last

  Chapter 22. Bucharest 1945
  Chapter 23. Liberation
  Chapter 24. Reunion
  Chapter 25. Birth and rebirth


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  Family Photographs
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  Glossary of Foreign Terms
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