A World After This by Lola Lieber
A World After This Lola & Mechel's Wedding Day

This is the story of one woman, Lola Lieber, a Hungarian-Polish Jewess who survived and has chosen during her lifetime to tell the story of the ordeals of her survival and the strength of her faith and courage against all odds.

It is also the memoir of a marriage that was a true working partnership as well as a marital bond of extraordinary depth. With her husband, Mechel, beside her, Lola defied authority, confronted the devil Eichmann in person, never giving up her faith in God and her belief that she and Mechel would be together at the end.

The title of this book comes from a comment Mechel made at a bittersweet time in their lives. His words: “There will be a world after this,” thankfully, would turn out to be true.

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  • Yad Vashem expressed interest in another showing of Lola’s paintings – stay tuned
  • The book has been printed and is available
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Lola’s brother Ben Lesser, who is prominent in “A World After This” is an active holocaust educator.

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Ben founded the “Zachor Foundation – REMEMBER” >> Visit ZACHOR


The writer who captured Lola's voice and feelings. Her book "Dancing at the River's Edge" is a great success.